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Media Release - CPS deployment of body-worn cameras

Published on May 29, 2024



Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) begins its first phase of a body-worn camera project starting today, May 29, 2024.

The CPS Board originally approved the purchase of body-worn cameras on Jan. 19, 2023. They will be eventually worn by all front-line officers and will provide an unbiased and independent account of police interactions with the public.

In the initial phase, a controlled group of officers on each shift will be equipped with the device.

“The use of body-worn cameras will provide greater transparency between police officers and the community,” said S/Sgt. George Knezevic. “Body-worn cameras will significantly enhance public trust and accountability by offering transparent and objective records of police interactions.”

The body-worn cameras will be used to:

  • Provide a visual account of police interactions
  • Capture evidence as part of investigations and may streamline court proceedings by minimizing the time and resources needed to resolve a case
  • Promote accountability and professionalism within the police service and support the fair administration and fair resolution of complaints against officers

All records and evidence captured by the body-worn camera will be stored on a cloud-based platform provided by AXON Canada.


Is this legal?

CPS is authorized to collect personal information for law enforcement purposes, as outlined in s. 28(2) – MFIPPA. The collection of information through the use of body-worn cameras is in compliance with this section, and law enforcement activities is outlined in s. 4(1) – Police Services Act.

  1. 29(2) of MFIPPA outlines the requirements for notification and collection. As it is not possible for us to notify individuals of the collection of their information, as it could possible impact an ongoing investigation. Our authority is outlined in s. 29(3)(a), which applies in the collection of information for ongoing investigations.

When will an officer use their body-worn camera?

Officers will use their body-worn cameras when they are interacting with the public and conducting an investigation.

When will I know if I am being recorded?

When an officer engages their body-worn camera, it will emit an audible tone and there will be the red LED light flashing. Every two minutes, the device will emit audible tones to confirm the device is still recording. The officer will only deactivate the device at the conclusion of the investigation/interaction.  

Can I request an officer to turn off their camera?

Officers will be required to record all interactions with members of the community. The only circumstance where you may request an officer to deactivate their camera is if they are in your residence without judicial authorization.

Can I access recordings from the body-worn camera?

If you are charged with an offence, you will be entitled to body-worn camera footage as part of your disclosure. The footage you will receive will be redacted to protect the privacy of witnesses and parties that aren’t involved in the matters before the court. You may also request footage through Freedom of Information.

Can body-worn camera data be edited?

Video and audio redactions can be applied to body-worn camera footage. When this occurs, a copy of the video will be created with the redactions applied. The original copy of the footage can not be altered.

How can you ensure my privacy after being recorded by a body-worn cameras?

All actions taken on body-worn camera footage is subject to a detailed audit log that identifies;

  • Who accessed it
  • When it was accessed
  • What action was taken (streamed, downloaded etc.)
  • Where it was accessed from

Officers will be required to document why they accessed footage as well. The audit log is created immediately when a file is uploaded and can be accessed indefinitely, even after deletion. The audit logs can not be edited. There are policies in place that explain when body-worn camera footage may be access. All other access is strictly forbidden.


In partnership with diverse communities, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and keeping our city safe.


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