Cornwall Police Service

Digital Evidence

In keeping with our Vision, Mission and Values, and our commitment to providing the highest quality police services to the community we serve, the Cornwall Police Service began a partnership with AXON Public Safety Canada Incorporated to modernize and enhance these services.

This partnership allows our organization to use modern technology and applications to manage digital evidence more efficiently, which in turn, will keep our officers out in the public keeping you safe and continue to hold them to the highest standards. Digital evidence includes, but is not limited to video footage, photos, audio, interviews, software applications etc.

Currently, our organization uses, which is a cloud-based application that supports the collection of digital evidence using modern technology and stores it in a secure cloud controlled by our organization, with the infrastructure maintained and supported by AXON.  This allows the members of our organization to enhance our service to community by securely obtaining evidence in a timely fashion to prepare the case for prosecution.

AXON is the industry leader in North America for providing tools and technology for police organizations to prevent crime and preserve life. Police organizations in Ontario have already implemented their services or are currently in the process of adopting them. 


For more information about AXON, please visit

Should you be involved in an incident that requires you to provide digital evidence, please refer to our Citizen Evidence tab for more information.

If you have any questions about this partnership and how we are using their products to enhance our services to the public, please contact:


Georges Levere

Digital Evidence Management

Phone: 613-933-5000 x 2407