Traffic Unit

Traffic safety is a major priority for the Cornwall Police Service (CPS). Residents have a reasonable expectation to feel safe as they travel on the roadways and bike paths in our city.

Issues related to road safety have been recognized as extremely important in our community.

As part of the CPS' commitment to creating a safer Cornwall, a Traffic Safety Plan was developed in 2018 to assist in ensuring the safety of everyone on our roadways. This includes all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, with our goal being to reduce the amount of injuries and collisions within our community. The Traffic Safety Plan includes both, educational and enforcement components, and will provide a foundation for safer roadways. In the plan, monthly traffic safety initiatives are carried out by the Traffic Unit, as well as Community Patrol Officers. 

March Traffic Initiative 

 Equipment Safety Month

The Annual Seat Belt Safety Campaign will be happening throughout the month of March. Cornwall Police Service (CPS) officers will be enforcing seat belt violations and reminding drivers to buckle up as part of the monthly traffic safety initiative.

Properly worn seat belts can reduce the risk of death by 47%, and limit the risk of serious injury by 52%. Occupants of motor vehicles who do not wear their seat belt are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle during a crash.

“Failing to buckle up can result in life-changing consequences,” said the Constable Patrick Depratto of the Traffic Unit. “By ensuring everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt properly, you are far more likely to survive an accident, while protecting yourself and your family from serious injuries or fatality.”

If you are driving, you can face a fine if you or anyone in your vehicle under age 16 is not wearing a seatbelt or secured in a proper child seat. If you are convicted, you will:

·         be fined between $200 and $1,000

·         receive two demerit points - demerit points remain on your driving record for two years

Enhancing traffic safety is a major objective within the CPS Strategic Plan. As such, monthly safety initiatives have been developed to keep the public informed and promote safer roadways and bike paths. These initiatives will be carried out by the Traffic Unit, as well as Community Patrol Officers.