Register Your Alarm

The Cornwall Police Services Board is responsible for the provision of police services in the City of Cornwall and the effective management of the police force.

Due to the fact that the number of false alarms in Cornwall has been identified as consuming a significant quantity of police resources, the Board has established a False Alarm Reduction By-Law for the registration of alarm systems in or on any building, structure, facility or premises.

Registration of Alarm Systems
The registration of Alarm Systems is an integral part of the strategy to reduce the number of false alarms in the City of Cornwall and to enhance officer safety.

The Cornwall Police Service has two types of Alarm Registrations available:

Click here to access the Residential Alarm Registration Form

Click here to access the Commercial Alarm Registration Form 

You can submit the form using one of the following options:

1) Attend our police station located at 340 Pitt St., during business hours.

2) Print and complete the registration form and mail to the address below. If required, please attach a cheque made out to the City of Cornwall with the specified fee on the form.

Cornwall Police Service
340 Pitt Street
P.O. Box 875 
Cornwall, ON K6H 5T7
Fax: 613-932-0121